Denied Party Screening Terms

Status: 03/2023

The Scope user receives a result log after each test run; he will be directly informed of any hits. Innovative technology and comprehensive service guarantee flexibility, security and performance:

  • Data service to all current banned lists
  • Consideration and management of 'Good Guys' in separate lists
  • Logging of all events and activities
  • Search strategies and check algorithms that are specialized in the address-matching of mass data and thus are high-performing.

The address check in Scope is against the following lists:

Country Authority Official List Name Abbreviation
    Base Lists  
EU EEAS Consolidated Financial Sanctions List CFSP
EU Council of the EU EU-Russia embargo Restrictions for dual-use goods intended for list organizations EURUDU
EU Council of the EU EU – Russia embargo: Restrictions on access to the capital market EURUKM
    Additional Lists  
UK HM Treasury Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets in the UK      BOE
UK HM Treasury List of entities subject to capital market restrictions (ehem. Ukraine Sovereignty list) UKUASL
NL Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken Nationale sanctielijst terrorisme NLNST
BE Föderaler Öffentl. Dienst Finanazen Belgian National Sanctions List BENS
US Dep.of t.Treasury Money Laundering Concerns List FINCEN
US DDTC List of Administratively Debarred Parties LADP
US State Dept. List of Statutorily Debarred Parties LSDP
US BIS (Bureau of Industry & Security)
List of Nonproliferation Sanctions NPS
US BIS (Bureau of Industry & Security) Denied Persons List DPL
US BIS (Bureau of Industry & Security) Entity List EL[1]
US BIS (Bureau of Industry & Security) Unverified List UL
US OFAC Specially Designated Nationals ListSDN SDN
US OFAC Consolidated Sanctions List incl. OFAC-CSL
    Foreign Sanctions Evaders List FSE
    Sectoral Sanctions Identification List SSI
    Palestinian Legislative Council List NS-PLC
    Non-SDN Iranian Sanctions Act List NS-ISA
    List of Foreign Financial Institutions Subject to Correspondent Account or Payable-Through Account Sanctions List CAPTA
    Non-SDN Menu-Based Sanctions List        NS-MBS
    Non-SDN Communist Chinese Military
Companies List
CH Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft Liste des Staatssekretariats für Wirtschaft (Consolidated Sanctions) SECO


Terms of Use

The address check in Scope against sanctions lists is a fee-based secondary function of Scope that enables the validation of customer-specific data content against third-party data content and is provided in the background by an application of our partner AEB SE, Sigmaringer Straße 109, 70567 Stuttgart, Germany. 

A mandatory requirement for any use by the customer is always the customer's own expertise and specialist knowledge for the evaluation of the results generated by Scope when checking addresses against sanctions lists on the available database.

The data content made available to the customer by Riege when using the denied party screening function in Scope is created by technically converting either publicly accessible, already consolidated contents (e.g. lists created and maintained by UN, EU, US or other authorities) or contents consolidated and offered by third parties. Riege naturally has no influence on the sources as well as on the creation and availability of consolidated data content. A complete recognition of linguistic country specifics does not yet correspond to the current state of the art when comparing data, in particular internationally inconsistent spellings are always possible. For this reason, Riege cannot guarantee the editorial quality such as topicality, completeness or freedom from defects of the data content converted and/or provided by Riege.

The scope of services is limited to the technical conversion and provision of the data content in the Scope software. It does not include editing or checking data content. At no time does Riege adopt the contents of external data sets as its own. Riege shall be liable for defects of its services described herein in accordance with its General Terms and Conditions and the limitations of liability set forth therein, but not for editorial or other defects of the data content that is supplied by the customer or is publicly accessible or is supplied by third parties.

Riege hereby expressly points out to the customer that he alone is always responsible for the careful and legally compliant handling of his business transactions, especially when using the denied party screening function. In the event of a positive result of a denied party screening, this also includes the independent further research, and if necessary also immediately notifying the responsible authorities of the situation. 

[1] * The Nonproliferation Sanctions (NPS), like the Entity List (EL), is generated from the US Consolidated Screening List (USCSL). There may occasionally be a delay before listings published in the Federal Register are included in the USCSL and thus in the EL or NPS in Compliance Screening.